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Rural Indiana Paranormal ( R.I.P.)  is dedicated to the scientific, objective investigation into claims of 
alleged paranormal phenomena. Since 2006.
We employ rigorous investigative protocols, and submit our case reports to fellow researchers for 
peer review. 
We are an all-volunteer organization comprised of members with varied backgrounds. 

R.I.P. does not charge for its services, and maintain strict confidence if our clients do not wish to be 
publicly identified. No postings will be up loaded to this page without express written permission 
from our clients. 

Our primary goal is to provide assistance, reassurance, and support to those who are living with 
unwanted alleged paranormal activity. 
Our secondary goal is to research, document, and analyze scientific data pertaining to alleged 
paranormal activity, thereby furthering the field of paranormal research. Was it something other than 
an alleged haunting? We will investigate mysterious sightings of creatures and phenomena in the 
Central Indiana area as reported by individuals who are frequently concerned that they will be 
laughed at and ridiculed for what they saw. Upon investigating these reports we will move to track, 
and if possible trap these creatures. We want to help these people to have peace of mind and know 
that they are not alone in their mysterious encounters. 

We know that many of you reading this will do so with a healthy dose of skepticism. We understand. 
We felt exactly the same way until we had our 
own personal experiences. We would only ask that you keep an open mind. If you do, it may lead 
you to an experience that will change your life and have you rethink what is real and not real in this 

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To request an investigation, or if you would simply like to speak with us in confidence, please use the form below.  You may also visit our facebook page and send us a personal message. 

If you would prefer to call,  please dial • (812) 699-8977

A  few  places ( public ) places some of, or all of us have been with  some degree of sucess.  PLEASE NOTE  We do not and will not post residential, and or business clients without written consent.

Attica stuffed toy
Attica Grim Reaper coat
Attica dining area coolers
Face in Window
Face in Window 1
Zorah Shrine Projection Booth 2016
Zorah Shrine Basement 1st investigation, auditorium seats female apparition
Zorah Shrine Basement 1st investigation, basement male apparition
Zorah Shrine Basement 2nd part Follow up investigation veiled female rising from crawl space
Zorah Shrine Basement 2nd part follow up investigation may 2016
McCann r Door Peeker and dog
Zorah Shrine Tiki Lounge Shadow Bartender
Clinton Investigation 1st pic
Clinton Home Owner Scratched
Shrine seats 1

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